I have a compact station compared to many but at the moment it is all I need.

HF: Yaseu FT450D, connected to a wire fan dipole in the loft for 20m and 6m (more to come); SignaLink USB; LDG YT1200 ATU (not currently in use). As a Foundation licensee I am limited to 10W. 10W into a wire dipole inside the loft has actually resulted in some quite distant QSOs.

VHF+: Baufeng UV5R handheld; Trio TR-9130 2m FM/SSB/CW and a horizontal 2m dipole in the loft; Tytera TYT MD-380 DMR on 70cm (wanted: VHU/UHF mobile or ideally one that does digi too!)

CB: (yes I still have a CB) President Grant II, connected to a rather poor effort of an antenna in the loft via a Zetagi ‘transmatch’ (ATU)

Other bits: Icom ICR2 rx; Nevada 30A linear PSU and 6-8A linear PSU; Signal R535 airband rx; Datong FL2 audio filter; Watson wideband SDR (the £99 one) connected to a Datong active antenna in the loft; KW520 HF/VHF/UHF SWR/power meter; Watson ‘super searcher’ frequent meter; MetroVNA Pro 180MHz VNA; Datong VLF converter.

PC: Intel i5 running Ubuntu 16.04 LTS; software which I use: flrig and fldigi; qsstv; wsjt-x

Other stuff: Raspberry Pi 3 mounted in the loft powered by PoE runs my ADS-B grabber and feeds to Flightradar24. My station is EGNM-63.